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Today I went to a small secret place on the Island where I live. In the deep dark shiny woods, you can find it, along with all the elves, gnomes, trolls and pixies. It is a hippie community born out of the sixties and still very much alive. People live there and you will find small funny houses, some on wheels some with spears, some in many colors, all of them unique. It has been the refuge of artists, freaks, misfits, healers, witches, saints and sinners. Already when I was driving in my car, I could hear myself think, “It’s a magical place”. I know many places like that in this world, where I have no doubt in me when these words echoes in my ears. One of the more surprising and special things about this place is the beautiful stupa, located on top of a hill. It was consecrated by Kalu Rinpoche on his tour in Europe in 1974.

Supermarkets, bakeries, throw away food every day. This is what normally goes to the dumpster.

Nobody seemed to be there when we came. I could smell fire and looked around again. A woman standing next to a cauldron was cooking something on the fireplace. I went to greet her and she explained, she was cooking food for the people who came for the weekend event. Only a small group of people was participating in the group, dream journeying together.

It is so wonderful to cook on real fire. I have done that so much in my life. Fire stove, living in nature and cooking, it is so raw and real. Appreciation grows for the coming together of things, the firewood has to be collected, proper balance has to be established between the rocks and the pot, the care and the patience to sit and wait until it’s done. Nah, It’s a dirty job, I admit it, and it’s so much easier on a stove. Nostalgic moment, but it has truth to it. I really love it. And just look at how cool it is!

After a while I met some of the people who lived there. My daughter found a new friend, a little boy her age and I was invited for dinner. The community made food Monday to Friday for everyone and each took turns to cook. The thing that inspired me most, was the way they got their food. A woman told me, they had not bought any food the past five years. They got it from supermarkets for free. How can they get for free? Supermarkets, bakeries, throw away food every day. This is what normally goes to the dumpster.

AMAZING! Along with perfectly fine vegetables, bread, cakes, yoghurt, cheese, milk, nuts, rice, pasta. We had dinner, mixed rice with delicious salad and a curry. I had a good connection with the people there, so sweet and I felt warmly welcomed. Their “living off the grid” lifestyle inspired me much, seeing how they lived, close to nature with such an open vibe. Loved it. Last talk before I went home was with the young mother with the little boy. I complimented their lifestyle and she happily exclaimed, “I know, I finally found my temple”. What a beautiful way to see one’s home.

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Sascha Alexandra Aurora is educated in aesthetic communication and linguistics. A singer and songwriter, she loves people, life, creativity and traveling. Other LEVEKUNST articles by the same author.

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    Have you ever considered building an oven? The shape of the stupa seems very usefull for that.

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    Hi, I love outdoor cooking on open fire, I did it quite regular in the days I did middle-age reenactment. It is very nice to be outdoors in a camp and share food and drinks with like minded people.
    Have a great time there!

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