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Death is a serious issue in our lives, societies and consciousness. For some people death is very seductive simply because they can see her as an ally. In fact, she is a daily experience but we may be unaware of that. We die and come back to our daily life again and again until we stop breathing and a whole new experience begins. There is no need to feel afraid of our death because she helps give meaning to life. No need to fight death because every moment we breathe is an opportunity to be better, to improve our lives, our existence, both alone and with others.

There is a choice in every situation to change, either to be more at ease or to just keep on living the habitual way, which leads to more of the same, until we one day get a better understanding. To realize that every second counts makes us happier, more joyful, present and capable. We enjoy having a body and to use it as a tool to learn, share, reflect, make changes, and to solve our mistaken views and misunderstandings. Even better, we can heal dualistic mind by doing the right training and equanimity. We can learn to see ourselves as capable of healing in every sense, by regaining focus, getting back to sanity regarding thoughts, emotions and feelings. Right then, in that moment, our lives makes much more sense because we deeply know that we will not have another chance to make that better.

We are more awake in the face of death. We stop worrying ourselves with meaningless tasks and decide to keep on living in a more comfortable way. We don’t want to loose every precious opportunity to do things the best we can. We stop feeling afraid because we take the present and use the past experiences to create a better future, because the moment right now helps us to improve our lives in every sense.

When we understand that we may die the next second, then we dare to be brave, courageous, being better lovers, better people; not because we will go to heaven or hell, but simply because we own ourselves. We own our body, consciousness, thoughts, emotions and feelings. Because of Death and what we learn second by second, we stop thinking in terms of musts, shoulds, mights and so on, instead we focus on today and now. Worrying becomes useless, because what we have right now, will not happen again, it can happen in a similar manner. In any case we are not certain of any passing things.

Let’s give ourselves the joy to be healthier today, wiser, softer, stronger, to be loving, useful, kinder, more conscious, awake and aware. We can reach whatever we want to accomplish because we own our present. Death is truly our best friend because she is behind us and in our decision to do whatever we want and wish, according to our own reality. Maybe, we want to love, to say sorry, to work on specific issues. Lets take the time right now to breathe, love, meditate, help others, study, rejoice, develop in whatever we want because IT IS OUR TIME.

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I am Mexican, I love Mexico but I am citizen of the world called Planet Earth.

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