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There’s a great show going on here;
a grand movie.

There are all sorts of wild dramas,
deaths and births, hopes and fears.

There are exotic creatures, strange technologies,
the rise and fall of entire civilizations.

The show never ceases.

When mind reaches out to meet this phantasmagoria of sense-impressions,
investing them with ultimate solidity and reality,
this is akin to clutching desperately at a rainbow or doing battle with a mirage.
Constricting, dividing concepts proliferate, equanimity shatters,
and the confusion of independent identity congeals with added vigor.
Suffering ensues. Ignorance. Samsara.

When, however, the yogin’s mind turns inwards to itself,
recognizing its own luminous and empty ground —
lacking any substance whatsoever —
then the confusion of division dissolves.

The entire vast array of appearances,
previously mistaken for distinct and solid objects
standing in relation to a central identity,
regains its inherent fluidity and freedom.

Still the show continues, but now unimpeded,
effortless, dynamically magical.

The dream of identities, categories, and separation collapses
into the playful display of empty appearing
indivisible from self-knowing space.

Thus the unshakeable vajra stability of mind’s source-nature is claimed.

Many varied sense impressions come and go in this openness;
the sky in which these clouds and rainbows dance remains
vast, untainted, and without beginning or end.

Oh, my fragile and confused mind,
please do not forget this truth.

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Harrison Rappaport

Harrison Rappaport

Healer, bodyworker, writer, dharma practitioner, musician. Harrison Rappaport offers meditation instruction as well as healing work, blending movement and touch with traditional Buddhist wisdom. He intends to live as an expression of vibrant wholeness and awakening, brightening up the world as much as he can. Harrison’s website .

Image by Sogard, England.

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