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It is in our breath, in our heartbeat.
It is the blood flowing through the body.
It is in our gaze, our touch.
It is the imagery appearing in our mind.
The sound vibrating on our skin.
The thoughts rising and falling in space.
We are movement, and movement is dance.
We are dance.

Life is a dance,
always dancing.
We only become aware of it.
We become aware of the movement of life.

It is not something we do or create,
It is always there.
We dance with it,
we dance with our dance.

Video credits: Dance: Hsuan-Hsiu Hung; Video: Mayu Shirai; Music: Franz and the Eagle by Edgar Meyer, Stuart Duncan & Yo-Yo Ma. Featured image provided by the author.

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Hsuan-Hsiu Hung

Hsuan-Hsiu Hung

I began practicing Qi Gong when I was 20. The practice was the door that opened the world of healing, movement, meditation and dance to me. I have been a painter, dancer, choreographer and teacher, but most of all, an adventurous person in finding the deepest potential within. You can find my current projects here

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    I found this video particularly enjoyable because of my total lack of knowledge of the art form allowed it to viewed very freshly. An encouraging secondary factor which contributed to a positive experience is the fact I deleted my Facebook account last night. Can’t appreciate the quiet calm until you turn off the noise…

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