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the other side

leaves float
ochre rust fire

there’s the
click click
bike chain

this care
bursting and
I want to tell
every being:

Take my coat,
if you are cold.

if you are hungry,
then Eat
my only bread.

if you are tired,
Rest on me —

Climb up on my back
and I will do all I can

to carry you
to the other shore.


wild sky

In this space,
this wild sky of sunlight,
the victors’ minds and mine —
no dividing line.

And though I’ve wandered far,
searched such a long time,
I’ve come to realize
there’s nothing else to find.

Sweet solace, darling, dance!

roaring towards… what?
The prize is hiding in your hands,
so stand tall — hold your head up.

You’ve bound natural freedom
with self-made chains
amidst expanse.

Now, be mad.
Take them off.
Be wild once again.

For these days, now,
are the only days of our lives.


Ten Thousand Robes

I have worn ten thousand faces,
many more limbs than that;

known the tender
care of ten
thousand mothers

and the agony
of giving birth.

I have fallen in battle,
sung by the Ganges,
made love to kings.

I have taken tea with angels
and died quietly in caves.

These bodies,
wrapped like robes,
cloak what does not change.

Our glory is not our own.

Only one brightness blazes
behind the curtain —
shimmering into multiplicity,
playing at form.

I, you, they,
never anything
but this brightness,

at all.

I have worn ten thousand faces,
and in my heart only God.

About the Author
Harrison Rappaport

Harrison Rappaport

Healer, bodyworker, writer, dharma practitioner, musician. Harrison Rappaport offers meditation instruction as well as healing work, blending movement and touch with traditional Buddhist wisdom. He intends to live as an expression of vibrant wholeness and awakening, brightening up the world as much as he can. Harrison’s website .

From the collected poems of Harrison Rappaport.
Photo by Sasin Tipchai, Thailand.

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