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Man is no longer a distinct but his mind widens out and merges into the mind of but the unconscious mind of mankind, where we are all the same. C. G. JUNG

Love. Awareness. Vision. Joy. Abundance. Bliss. Healing. Purity. Compassion. Consciousness. Creativity. Power. Ethics. Goodness. Honor. Virtue. Faith. Ideals. Integrity. Ideas. Unity. Justice. Knowledge. Passion. Energy. Psychology. Genius. Communication. Enthusiasm. Vitality. Pleasure. Intelligence. Guidance. Caring. Gentleness Honesty. Happiness. Humor. Kindness. Generosity. Courage. Feeling. Understanding. Morality. Enjoyment. Enlightenment. Wisdom. Optimism. Interest. Delight. Comfort. Clarity. Fun. Forgiveness. Excellence. Truth. Beauty. Happiness. Expression. Excitement. Intuition. Insight. Imagination. Romance. Art. Freedom. Transformation. Wonder. Discovery. Action. Hope. Change. Growth. Information. Nourishment. Health. Renewal. Belief. Enjoyment. Motivation. Wellness. Stimulation. Spirituality. Peace. Appreciation. Gratitude. Confidence. Conscience. Yes. Illumination. Mystery. Curiosity. Invention. Care. Sympathy. Radiance. Revelation. Nurturing. Sustenance. Inspiration. Empathy.

These messages of light seen as the psychological profile of a person indicate the personality of light; a prosocial compassionate savior, a limitless being, the hero of light in you. who helps, guides and protects you, who embraces love, care, concern for all, without favoritism, agenda, cost or limit. Awakened now by your personal awareness of the true nature of light itself, the hero of light in you empowers you to defeat the darkness of antisocial powers.

The hero of light transcends all limit and is life-giving pure light flowing from the heart of you, strengthening you and protecting you, inseparable from who you are, it is fearless and capable, beyond all definition and mortal confines, exemplifying every ideal that can ever be expressed in thought, feeling, word or deed.. The hero is indestructible, infinite and all-powerful, radiating life-creating love as light. The hero is an abstract idea, a person incarnate in you, existing by your individual choice, without empirical evidence or concrete existence. It is not of the group. The individual discovers the hero, based on his or her theoretical and anecdotal evidence and makes the decision to accept the hero as real, based on personal feeling. The hero is a wellspring of hope for every person living in this turbulent world, offering a creative way to achieve personal transformation experientially, in secret, using your own intelligence, intuition, imagination and will. The hero is the power in you and is emblematic of all wisdom, virtue, love and empathy. Its nature is limitless freedom, inseparable relationship and oneness. The hero is the personification of light, the essence of your connection to the transcendental power of all things.

The hero is intelligence and truth, transcending all wisdom, intuition, courage and compassion, the ideal role model; it is the expression of the light shining in you as unconditional love in your heart. The hero inspires us to great goals and accomplishments. It rescues us from lethargy. It is noble and courageous. The hero removes the wool from your eyes, enables you to see your life clearly on your own terms, your way, enabling you to experience true freedom of thought and action while functioning at your best and most powerful. The hero speaks directly to you, through the voice in your own heart, offering you understanding and the certainty of your hidden personal power. The hero is a dream for young and old, rich and poor, standing ready to liberate you from your real or imagined oppression by others or yourself.

The hero is pro-human and defends you against mass psychosis, increasing your capacity for critical reasoning, strengthening your resistance to manipulation by others, expanding the limits of your rational and critical thinking.
The hero is the genius of thought, feeling and word, strong and fearless, limitless, beyond all mortal confines, one all-powerful living being of light, indivisible, indestructible, whole, perfect and eternal, omnipresent and omnipotent, the microcosm and the macrocosm, formless, infinite and changeless. The hero has infinite power and the deepest compassion and is all beauty, all intelligence and all truth, indivisible, complete and eternal, creating all things past, present and future in all dimensions, for all time. The hero is perfect and eternal, it conquers all darkness and is the living being of light who creates All and Everything and is All and Everything. I am made anew in my realization of the hero in me, I am.

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Christopher Judges

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Featured image by Gewa, Germany. Photo of woman by Anastasiya Babienko. Photo of Kornelflower by Rebecca Matthews, USA.

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