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Immediately the moment of waking up, don’t go anywhere, just sit up straight in the bed and sing from your heart. Invoke the timeless guru from within to inspire this mind and everyone who you connect with today.

Lotus Guru, hosts of dakas and dakinis,
All are dancing,
Voicing mantra tunes and songs in the symbolic language,
Minds in the awakened state, the essence of the natural knowing,
Turned towards me,
With the sounds of bells and hand drums,
They appear in awesome splendor,
Right before us in the sky.

Lord Guru, hosts of dakinis,
Look on me with your kind, loving eyes.
Right now the beings of the three realms
In mindlessness they all are asleep.

Awake, they roam in their blinded states.
Your yogi child who sees self-knowing mind
Shall lead to the celestial realms
All mother beings of the six types.

So father, I shall go where you are,
And not leave thought, word and deed indolent.
To be sure I will hear, think and train;
Four sessions shall be cores in my life.

While here in this delightful retreat,
I will reach others’ aim and my own.
Lord guru, hosts of dakinis,
Be kind to bless my triple doors.

The dakas and dakinis are gods and goddess within the subtle channels in your body. They dance, play music and liberate emotions as emotion arise. They are the playful expressions of natural mind, your smile and shine, the sparkle in your eyes.

All the beings from the three realms, all what we can see, hear and think of, whoever they are, share a closeness. We are family because we have the same basic nature. We, children in the yogi family, aim at seeing what we really are, self-knowing mind. Celestial realms means that the habit to make each moment so solid and serious has melted away, not for a few moments, but for a very long time. Everyone who feel and perceive are also family because we have been each others mother and father, sister and brother, lover and friend. We are always close, and have always been, without any exception. No one is excluded.

Father here means already fully enlightened, and there I’m heading with all my family. In order for that to happen, I need to use the right methods and insights to be a master of inner freedom in thought, word and deed.
At the end of singing, let be in a state that is a natural as possible.
This is a short and simple explanation. There are deeper levels in this song, so if you have interest, please find someone to guide you deeper.

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Tara Karmeshvari

Tara Karmeshvari

Art of Life artist & promoter of all living beings' right to freedom and enlightenment. Founder of Other LEVEKUNST articles by the same author.

Original title: Awakening at Dawn from the Sleep of Ignorance, translated by Erik Pema Kunsang. Featured image: The Lotus-Born master Padmasambhava, painting by Chogyam Trungpa according to a vision. Used by Permission.

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  1. Avatar

    Thank you For posting this wonderful prayer with melody. Is there a melody for the Tibetan version as well?

    1. Erik Pema Kunsang

      The Tibetan melody is exactly the same, Clark.

  2. Avatar

    Thank you very much.

  3. Avatar

    Thank you so much!! am still learning the whole prayer in english and trying to capture it’s meaning. The tune comes to my mind all throughout the day, is it fine to sing it then?

    1. Erik Pema Kunsang

      Yes, Kyogo, the meaning is deep and gets even deeper as we go along.

      That the tune comes to mind during daily activities is partly the power of combining sincere yearning with melody and partly the inspired words that touch us in the most authentic way. Sing it by all means, any time of day or night.
      That is what Padmasambhava intended.

  4. Avatar

    Wonderful. Magical. Thank you.

    And thank you for translating it Erik – any more information on this would be great

    1. Erik Pema Kunsang

      Yes, it is usually chanted right upon waking up, with deep-felt yearning and devotion, and with love for all mother sentient beings. At the end of the chant, let you mind mingle with your guru’s and then let be in shamatha, vipashyana or their basic indivisibility.

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    Thank you so much Yogi la. I believe that this must follow by the visualisation of this whole prayer. Or just reading is sufficient? Does the inhaling and exhaling included before doing this. Since I’m also practicing this daily I wish to have a better and precise understanding. Thank you la.

  6. Avatar

    *can you please tell where to find the originsl tibetan? thanks

    1. Erik Pema Kunsang

      Dear Jamyang La. The Tibetan version is in the ngondro for Lamey Tukdrub Barchey Kunsel, revealed by Chokgyur Lingpa and Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo.

  7. Avatar

    Very beautiful and profound. It reverberated deeply in my heart. I just listened to it now, before going to sleep. But tomorrow, in the morning, I’ll sing it. Singing is so powerful! Thanks a lot!

  8. Avatar

    Lovely Sublime. Thank you.

  9. Erik Pema Kunsang

    To Hamid and others: here are the words as they sound in Tibetan.

    Guru pema pawo khandrö tsok dang cheypa
    tamchey ku gartab sung dakay ngakyi lu-yang
    tukyi gongpa rigpa rangshar gyi ngowo dak-la
    tedey dadril gyi dradang chetey zil chenpö dün-gyi
    namkhar jönpar gyur.

    Je lama khan droi tsok nam kyi
    Mi dak la tuk je chen gyi zik
    Du tanda kham sum sem chen nam
    Sem lung ma ten gyi ngang du nal

    Dey say nay trul pay nang war khyam
    Ma dro druk gyur pay sem chen la
    Bu rang rig tok pay nal jor ngay
    Zhing kha chö nay su dren pay chir

    Pa lama khye kyi je shuk nay
    Lü ngak yi tang nyom mi nay par
    Dön tö sam gom pay ten la bab
    Ley ja wa tün zhi treng la chuk

    Nay ri trö nyam gay zhing di ru
    Dak rang shen dön nyi drub pa yi
    Khye lama khan droi tsok nam kyi
    Mi dak gi go sum jin gyi lob

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    Thank you very much both for sharing this profound song, particularly keeping to the original tune as it was thought. Rejoice!!

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