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Philosophy and the Philosopher,
Confusion and the Confuser,
Words of wisdom, breaths of energy,
Oh! The Philosopher lost within his Philosophy.

The Teacher teaching not walking his path,
The Dirty describing not taking his bath,
Words of answers, breaths of life,
Oh! the Teacher who doesn’t use, but only sharpens his knife.

Meditation and it’s Gomchen,
Not realizing that a drop is the same nature as the ocean,
Words of silence, breaths of freedom,
Oh! The Gomchen separating living and meditation.

The Me and the Mine,
The lost not realizing that he is blind,
Words of breath and breaths of words,
Oh! Unbearable is this Self-ish load.

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Karma Dendup

Karma Dendup


Karma Dendup serves as a TV host and Producer, for the Bhutan Broadcasting Service, BBS, and holds a bachelor’s degree in Cinema. As he says: “While my work is primarily to produce documentaries, for the past 5 years I have been hosting and producing a monthly program on Buddhism, which has now grown into a weekly show called the Jangchub Shing, The Bodhi Tree. I love and respect all religions, but stand sane and alive because of the Buddha Dharma.” Other LEVEKUNST articles by the same author.

Gomchen means meditator.
Photo: A fakir in Benares by Herbert Ponting 1907. 

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    Hmmm kinda like someone instructing on life but not realizing sex, drugs, and rock and roll will kill ya

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    Quite elegant Karma. Thanks for some pointing insights. A fun read.

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