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Slow down, it’s an old room
Mind your breath as you pass by
Else, intense dust may hide in air
And you may never know how long it has been!

The innocent want of more, more
and more has all been collected here,
the better ones! than what they told you had,
slow down, mind your breath as you pass by

Watch! a person moves into the limelight
inside the museum,
do you recall that person?
hold on,  the layered dust is quiet.

Here are no artifacts, but here are feelings
Conserved like a piece of art,
Indeed in softer space
Don’t touch, let them be as they be,

The dust is layer of time that has quietened
When you became louder,
As the world quiets with a loud headset
Tuned in the melody you try to be in,

The limelight is moving towards us
No we can’t hide!
In the museum, we too are a feeling conserved
but the dust is yet to quieten.

About the Author


Maheshwor Dhital is a fakir. He loves to meditate in deepening woods, dance around fire. He writes to celebrate being. He is from Kathmandu, and what is "not" of him is from where you are.

Photo by Rudy and Peter Skitterians, The Netherlands.

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