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On countless up and down the trails,
Exhausted, with bodies soaked in sweat,
Traversing the path of our destiny,
We are travelers in the mountains.

It’s been a long, perilous walk, friends!
Let’s spare sometime, some moment of rest.
A fine natural spot has arrived.
A rare, opportune moment has arrived.

The monsoon rain has halted, clouds are going home,
The valley is fresh and vibrant, and flowers blossom.
Friends! Let’s drop our elemental body on earth,
And enjoy the freedom of the sky above.

The difficult terrains have been left far behind.
The businesses in town have not yet begun.
In the freedom of moment here and now,
Let’s release all our loads and entanglements.

Gentle breeze from the mountains to lighten our body,
Cool water from the springs to quench our thirst,
With fragrances of the herbs sweetening the air,
Aren’t we travelers well and content here?

Up in the caves and hermitages,
Wise beings dwell, exchanging samsara with nirvana.
There, the business of taking all losses to self,
And giving all benefits to others flourishes well.
There, a yogi greatly enriches and nourishes well

Below in the green pastures and valleys,
The shepherds roam, taking all hardships on them,
Singing alone in the mountains,
Songs of sorrow, songs of renunciation.

Friends, come!
Let’s traverse these mountains and valleys together,
Let’s dance with the monals, sing with the cuckoos together.
And when an occasion comes,
Lets rest in the natural ground.
And in a gentle whisper of the cool breeze,
Let’s lose ourselves in the freedom beyond time and space together!

About the Author
Jigme Lama

Jigme Lama

Jigme Lama aka Nar Lama has been a rural development worker in Nepal since 1996. His quest for finding answers to the issues of societies and individuals at tough times led to deeper interactions with the meditation masters of his homeland, eventually becoming practitioner under their guidance. Besides, he continues his work as a social worker, and operator of charity and deep immersion tours. He studied MA, Rural Development, and BA with a Buddhist studies major from Tribhuvan University.

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