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Trust is one of the basic qualities or life skills we need to learn and embody if we want to shift from living a life based on defense mechanisms and survival strategies to an open and authentic way of being and relating. We need trust to open up and surrender to a broader life perspective, to say Yes to moment-to-moment fresh experiencing of life as it is.

On the physical level, it means to breathe freely and to feel what is happening in our body. Trusting is reconnecting with our body and activating different body segments into one functional continuum. It means to be grounded, present and relaxed. To trust is to let the energy move inside our psycho-somatic system without stopping it.

On the emotional level, it means to be willing to feel whatever arises in ourselves without attachment or rejection. We can learn how to be able to feel without losing ourselves in emotions or without dissociating and bypassing them. We can overstep categorizing feelings and emotions as bad or good and just simply stay with the experience. Through such practice we can learn how to be responsible and how to become emotionally mature human beings.

On the mental level, we can explore our historical belief systems and patterns and see how much energy we invest in keeping alive the self-identifications which give us a false sense of security. We can learn how to step in to the unknown and let our mental grasping to drop and to be transformed by the moment-to-moment actualized awareness.

On the spiritual level, we can learn to shift from the distorted self-pride identity into the open and actualized being. This shift can rapidly change the way we perceive ourselves and others and therefore it also can change the way we are relating to ourselves and others.

Trust is the key to coming back home – to remembering who we truly are.

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Jiri Kral

Jiri Kral


Jiří Král is integrative body-mind psychotherapist, lecturer and dharma enthusiast. His private practice in Brno, Czech Republic involves body-mind psychotherapy, contemporary psycho-spiritual approaches, counseling and lecturing. His main focus in in his work with individual clients is on presence, self-awareness, attention, embodiment and emotions experienced by the client as well as on finding life strategies, using the client’s creative resources, changing behavioral patterns, transpersonal and integral development. All of this is promoted in a setting of safety, trust and intimacy. Jiří’s passion in working with people is to help them discover their talents, core qualities and authenticity. He also leads regular sessions of Essence personal development therapeutic groups, and weekend workshops.

Photo by Zafer Ali, Sweden.

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    Short and precise hit!
    I appreciate your focus on four levels of our being.

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