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The problem is humanity does not relate to the natural flow of the universe. It is simple. We live in an ever-changing process. All things, including all people are relative and interdependent to each other. There is no separation at all in anything or from anything. To separate one from the other is the function of ego and a lack of awareness to and knowledge of the reality we live in and are part of.

Human beings believe separateness is the true reality, not interconnectedness. They believe in the autonomy of me from you, the separateness of body from mind, climate from man’s activities. Think of the many trillions of different subjects in trillions of endless lists of separated items and disciplines to be fixed, improved, voted on or changed and realize none of those trillions of subjects are cross related to each other ever; even though all of them are always connected. Social justice, climate, war, taxes, empire, rights and whatever else, have their reconciliation in the one universal process that they and we are all part of and contributing to.

We all act unilaterally yes, but we act without the knowledge of our interdependence and that feeds our assumption that the individual person or subject has an individual answer when it does not, because it is part of all and everything; inseparable. Politically we are one process; humanity. We are all dependent on the action and non-action of all others at all times. While everyone wants to complain and blame, and everyone wants justice and truth, health and wealth, but no one wants to face the reality of their interconnectedness and resulting interdependence on all others at all times. Under that criteria republicanism breeds division, separateness and power over others but socialism is closer to our universal reality in the realization that we are indeed an interdependent species in an interdependent universe.

We cannot deny human beings will always seek to improve their situation in capitalistic ways that reflect their idea of their own autonomy, but we should promote awareness of the universal principles that connect us as a means to temper the capitalist desire in each other with the socialist’s idea of common unity for the common good.

All problems on all levels are the result of our acceptance of our separation from our universal context. Justice will never be achieved for people or the planet without the realization that we are one, and the only way we can survive and get along is by bridging what we see as our separateness and autonomy with interpersonal love, compassion, empathy, sympathy and understanding.  Moreover, should people continue to disregard their universality and resort to ego-driven solutions as we do now, humanity will destroy itself sooner than later.

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