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The poem below was written on the day of birth of the video Vajrasattva Dreaming (fly little bird fly).  The paintings take over a year to create, so the combined footage together with the composition give them a chance to fly freely and be used in many different ways: meditation, phases of dying, dance, concerts, etc. 

Being here we are of these worlds for now is here being
What is there to say if there is no saying?
We are light beings of beginningless time
awareness displaying her flowering bouquet
cascading abiding dissolving space of todays
We who stumble to be of this living are continually manifesting
light beams spheres radiating resplendent showerings of blessings
Here and there within and without no longer are of any consequence
We are not given to the concrete
We are space clarity compassionately opening her face

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Martha Boyden

Martha Boyden

Artist. Lives in Rome, Italy.

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