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A thunder has risen inside my mind
My breaths are intermingled
With each other
I am frozen
Stunned, speechless, shattered
I am victorious, Yet lost to myself
Standing powerless and vulnerable
I am reflection as well as
The mirror
Shimmering, sparking and reflecting
What intoxication is that?
The pain is echoing inside me day and night
It’s a huge deceit
A magical net of delusions
Fighting with the state of
My heart and mind
Standing with faith
Covered in stained veil
I am naked
I am the veil, I am the shame
I am the stain
Veil is untouched
So is my body
What should I do?
How will I show myself?
To myself?
How will I go home?
I am devastated, shattered
Crushed and broken
I am simple, I am precious
I am special, I am ordinary
I am dark, I am white
I am coiling sand in the sky
I am the relentless rain
That cannot pour down
I am the witching night
I am the wick in lamp
Standing dazed and disoriented
My body is of glass
I am shadow of myself
I am scared just of myself!
My body burning in firewood
Slightly moist and covered
Burning on and on
What magic
I am the illusion, I am the shadow
I am the soul, I am the body
I am standing dumbfounded
I am standing with faith
In stained veil
I am standing here, there and every where
I am every where

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Seema is an occupational therapist, Reiki and meditation teacher, and a writer. She loves creativity in every thing that life has to offer, hiking, traveling and cooking. Originally from India, now settled in Arizona, US. She has two teenage kids, one girl with non - verbal Autism, who is an inspiration and drive to help find her inner strength. Seema's vision is to help families with special kids , in coping with everyday stresses to be more grounded so they can find their innate strength themselves and set up programs in special schools about meditation and mindfulness.

Photo by Tony Frissell, USA.

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    I am everything this great statement says it is self destructive this energy that lives within me that destroys every thing I build up I have no strength to overcome it. I am a miserable being.

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