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Visualization is another powerful technique we can use to transform our mind and experience. To visualize is to imagine and create images in the mind. Many of our thoughts are indeed unconscious visualizations of our desires and fears. But to consciously visualize positive images can powerfully reprogram our mind with positive energy and draw us closer to our goals.

I suggest that you be creative in the choice of your visualizing and choose some that work for you. To give a few examples:

  • Visualize your heart and all the blood vessels carrying the blood and nutrients to your cells. Feel how happy all your cells are by you bringing your attention and love to them. They become absolutely ecstatic and your whole body is vibrating with the bliss of being alive.
  • Visualize rainbows going out from your heart, to all beings and organisms on the planet healing them with love. From their heart rainbows go out to all other beings simultaneously healing and nurturing all.
  • Visualize a sun in your heart that shines warming and healing light into your whole body and then into the whole world reaching all beings and warming and healing them all. Zoom out and see the solar system, galaxies and clusters of galaxies within your own body. See the perfection of the universe.

To achieve more practical and concrete goals we can visualize any desired situation we wish to arise. To ask for it in our mind in detail and feel like it’s real, it might be more likely to actually occur. If it’s something related to our actions, it will of course be even more likely to occur if we actively work towards it and make a plan, how we can achieve it. If we visualize the whole process we will be mentally prepared for it and ready for the right action. Write the visualizations down so they become even more powerful and concrete.
To be continued.

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