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Recently I saw a high-quality giclée print from an original appliqué thangka created by the artist Leslie Nguyen Temple. I was entranced by the image entitled, “White Tara in New York City” and contacted the artist to find out how to obtain one. I knew that Leslie and her husband Terris had collaborated on large-scale works for many years with the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa and that he took a keen interest in their personal artwork as well. His Holiness approved Leslie’s idea to feature traditional deity images juxtaposed in modern environments.

Though I have been acquainted with Leslie and her husband Terris for several years, I had not seen the entire scope of her work before, nor did I realize she had started producing giclée prints from her appliqué thangkas. I asked to see some sample images of her thangkas, which have always entranced me because of their elegance and delicate beauty. I know she uses rare silks and other fabrics to create the images, combined with painting techniques.

Since her work is so exceptional, I thought I would share some information about her along with a gallery of some of her works in a pdf in case you would like to commission an appliqué thangka from her, or purchase a giclee print. If you are interested you can contact her at: leslienguyentemple@gmail.com. Please check out the attached pdf for some basic info about her and a gallery of some of her artwork. 

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Yeshe Wangmo

Yeshe Wangmo

Yeshe Wangmo has been a Buddhist practitioner since 1987. In 2004 she helped to produce an English version of The Mirror of Beryl, the definitive torma manual for the Karma Kagyu lineage. In 2014 she wrote and produced the documentary film Torma: the Ancient Art of Tibetan Butter Sculpture.

Featured image by Leslie Nguyen Temple.

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