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Who are you? I am Caesar.



The horse, Caesar, slowly moved through the town.
His rider was perched carefully on his back.
The horse neighed quietly and strongly several times,
He was quite curious why all the other horses in town were so much larger than him,
Caesar had been a horse his whole life,
Galloping on the farm,
Keeping up the chickens and ducks,
Watching sunsets and sunrises with his master, Robert,monkey-on-a-dog

His black hair was a little longer different than the horses that he had seen on the color box in his master’s house for years and years,
But he was completely unprepared when someone called out to his friends in town at him and his master,
“Hey! Look it is a dog being ridden by a monkey!”
And everything he knew about his life and who Caesar was, became meaningless.


I am a liar at times, at times a cheat.
I sometimes have wrong, rough, violent and callous thoughts.
I am prideful, jealous, greedy, angry, and very unsympathetic at times,
I am everyone.


Regrets, regrets, regrets
The only thing that matters
At death is no regrets.
What do we regret?
Not listening to the moment.
Not being ourselves.
Not having the courage to follow dreams, be kind.


Lying to ourselves,
Every day in a million ways,
Pretending to be a little more green, special, a little more enlightened, a little more yogi,
pretending to be a little more wise, smart, tough, retrospective, wise­ass, noble, athletic, gentle,
colloquial, worldly, competent, competitive,


Pretending and not listening to the music,
The music of life, the beats and the beats that show us the way that bends and twists, but is
always honest,


I can, I don’t like to recycle,
I am strong, I am lazy,
I don’t like soy milk and fake turkey, I like steak, I am bored by soccer and love politics, I am
scared of horror, and afraid of the process of dying,
I want happiness,
I am everyone.


Not accepting who you are,
Not accepting what you are,
Not seeing its value,
There is no faking it (but it can be earned),
And it is scary and dangerous and hard,
But trying to be anything other than who you are is just a lie,

And might be just as ridiculous as a monkey riding a dog.

Who are you?
I am Caesar.
I am everyone.

About the Author
John Edwards

John Edwards

John Edwards is a volunteer for the Chokgyur Lingpa Foundation, lawyer, lifelong fan of curiosities of all sorts.

Photos by Dan Callister, Wales. All photos are from the public domain. The author, John Edwards, takes responsibility for intellectual property issues.

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