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Oh you Earth Dog come
Now happiness wagging
Your familial greeting
That cheers us up as I bend to you my lovely
In display of your canine Sagacity
Ever Loyal–
Ever Reliable.
Follow your keen scent
For sniffing out what’s apparent
Bury the bone of your content
Within our breast
For Safe Keeping
Humanitarian sustenance of justice
With your nose to the grindstone
Bark at shadows wrecking havoc at our door Growl baring teeth to terrify
Cowards who roust our peace
Lift a leg to leave your mark
While yet you enliven our joy lest we forget
The great companion you are
Forever by our side

About the Author
Jacqueline Gens

Jacqueline Gens


Retired from decades of administrative service to the dharma and wild-minded poets & yogins, Jacqueline Gens now spends her time practicing, writing, and making calligraphy paper using recycled sacred texts and substances at Khandroling Paper Cooperative. She’s never too far from Cold Mountain.

Illustration by Ingmar Pema Dechen
Text by Jacqueline Gens
Jacqueline Gens and Ingmar Pema Dechen are currently collaborating on all 60 animal/element poems with illustrations. 

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