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My darling Earth Pig

I bow to your 

beneficent bounty

Amid toils of duty and servitude

To further your brood 

In all that need manifest 

As we sow the seed of generosity

Its fecund curve of elegant hoof

And flow of  nurturance

Sustains multitudes

Lady of the Spheres your grunt 

nuzzles to earth amid lofty intents

as you burrow deep your cosmic purpose

none other than sublime awakening

from ignorance at every moment

Poem by Jacqueline Gens in collaboration with visionary artist Ingmar Pema Dechen, 2019.

About the Author
Jacqueline Gens

Jacqueline Gens


Retired from decades of administrative service to the dharma and wild-minded poets & yogins, Jacqueline Gens now spends her time practicing, writing, and making calligraphy paper using recycled sacred texts and substances at Khandroling Paper Cooperative. She’s never too far from Cold Mountain.

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    I was always haunted by negative thoughts and this often had a bad effect on my well-being. However, I always found salvation in art: I began to draw and compose stories. Recently, my sister gave me an extraordinary thing that greatly improved my well-being. Sister gave me buddha art wall. When I asked where she got such beauty, she said that from Now I feel inspired for every day! My thoughts are refreshed and I have my inside balance.

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    ✌❤🌹👍💎❤TQ Jacqueline Gens ❤

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