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“Timing is only everything” – A professor whose name has been washed away by the sands of time, recalling the words of his professor when he and his fiancé were never happy with one another and ready to get married at the same time.
A waiter who has to smile too often at too many, while working hard, but not unhappy,
A lady with a nice haircut at an expensive restaurant sitting by herself and talking to herself as she seems to be working through a mountain of work that never seems to get smaller,
A waitress who has fought to be where she is, but doesn’t know who to fight right now,
A group of people joyously making noise about someone’s birthday, while a chorus of emotions from their lives and about each other is only slightly below the fray,
Gentle music of a softer time playing over everyone,
While the sun and white clouds play lazily in the distance,
Just one place,
Just one time,
Each person stepping to inner music,
Each one dancing to songs from long ago,
Each one yearning, fighting, and working for a future they can’t even define,
For reasons that they have long forgotten,
So much understood and known,
So little felt, so little seen, so little heard,
So strong, so loud, so quick,
Music, old music, ancient music can make them remember,
Remember the point of it all, the purpose of it all,
And maybe start living the lives that would make smiles easier
And dreams true, in time,
Or would they just forget again.
By Words to be Forgotten

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John Edwards

John Edwards

John Edwards is a volunteer for the Chokgyur Lingpa Foundation, lawyer, lifelong fan of curiosities of all sorts.

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