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  Anika sil  YOU ARE DREAMING ME is about the inward concerns and conflicts of young contemporary Buddhist lamas as they travel in opposite directions across cultures. In search of dreams, desires and enlightenment, taking up robes, giving up robes, their contrasting journeys reveal more unanswered questions than solutions. It also reflects those of filmmaker Khyentse Norbu, as appointed reincarnation of a renowned 19th century Tibetan master, who has doubts and questions on his own journey throughout Buddhist life.

Three contrasting journeys reveal more unanswered questions than solutions. A candid portrayal of inward conflicts on the Tibetan Buddhist path. Powerful Tibetan Buddhist master and moviemaker, Khyentse Norbu (The Cup, Travelers & Magicians) is contrasted by two young monks within his large Tibetan Buddhist spiritual kingdom, as they all travel in opposite directions across different cultures.

A documentary trilogy about reality, magical illusion — and the making of Tibetan cinema. Movie-making by Buddhist reincarnate master-cum-film director Khyentse Norbu is a very unusual phenomenon.
As a charismatic Tibetan master breaks ancient traditions to chase movie-making dreams. a unique, intimate view of the contemporary Buddhist world unfolds. YOU ARE DREAMING ME tells the story of contrasting quests of contemporary lamas and young monks looking for their life’s destination.Yuan-Ren, a Taiwanese young man in search of inner meaning, secretly goes to Tibet to become a Buddhist monk, without his parents’ knowledge. Meanwhile Tibetan-born Bhugay dreams to go to America, against both tradition and his parents’ wishes, but with the double-edged encouragement of their master, Khyentse Norbu.

watermelon1Bhugay pinkYRDzrmThe feature film director himself muses about life, love and the value of his destiny as appointed leader of an ancient Buddhist tradition. Are his queries the dilemmas unique to his godlike position or problems simply inherent to ordinary human life? Questions arise. Is Khyentse Norbu an incarnate Buddha, as he is profoundly revered throughout his Tibetan Buddhist universe? A man finding himself placed carrying the heavy leadership of a role that imposes on his dreams, with challenges of traditions he sometimes is uncomfortable living? Or a sophisticated, charismatic, very human person, driven by ambitions for film and inner conflicts about identity?

And of the younger monks, do they have a chance to live their dreams or must they be drawn back to the world that they are expected to live? Are they happy with their destination? Their interwoven dreams and journeys on the path to enlightenment reveal more unresolved dilemmas than answers.

Watch the film on Vimeo.

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Anika Mothersdale


Anika Tokarchuk is a Canadian independent film-maker now living in Wales. With a long standing love for cinema and exploring boundaries of creative expression, after graduating in both film and photography at the San Francisco Art Institute and the Banff Center in Canada, her passions led her to embark on many journeys of discovery, exploring multi-faceted interests crossing cultural and social boundaries. Focused on themes of social, spiritual and creative fusion, Tokarchuk's career has been involved in intra-cultural film and media projects for over 30 years. Experience includes experimental media and film in New York, intensive involvement in joint media programs with indigenous North American spiritual leaders, environmental issue projects, and more recently programs focusing on Tibetan Buddhist worldview.

You are Dreaming Me — Tibetan Film Trilogy — Khyentse Norbu from Anika Tokarchuk on Vimeo.
Photo by Anika Mothersdale.

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    She never eats animal products. Vegana

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    Amazing story!
    As a young vajrayana buddhist practitioner some times I think about my vajra brothers and sisters who have the excellent karma of being born in a Buddhist country or family, I would love to know more about their dreams and perspectives and how they react to cultural differences and modernization brought by the west.

  3. Sonia Gomes

    This is simply amazing Anika !!! Congratulations my dear !
    It’s a truly wake up call !
    With love

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