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Grace be you,
Peace deceived you,
Love enveloped you,
Time consumed you,
Hate destroyed you,
Anger burnt you,
Age wore you,
Pain tamed you,
Happiness faked you,
Freedom invited you,
Illusions showed you,
Life lived you.

Greed ate me,
Selfishness ruled me,
Ego blinded me,
Joy excited me,
Tears sobered me,
Emotions motivated me,
Praise drank me,
Criticism hid me,
Fear crippled me,
Hope expected me,
Habits played me,
You separated me.

Sorrow saw we,
Impermanence breathed we,
Gratitude confessed we,
Compassion sang we,
Generosity gave we,
Patience revealed we,
Meditation danced we,
Awareness stripped we,
Emptiness smiled we,
Wisdom acted we,
Dedication defined we,
Buddha hood “just” we.

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Karma Dendup

Karma Dendup


Karma Dendup serves as a TV host and Producer, for the Bhutan Broadcasting Service, BBS, and holds a bachelor’s degree in Cinema. As he says: “While my work is primarily to produce documentaries, for the past 5 years I have been hosting and producing a monthly program on Buddhism, which has now grown into a weekly show called the Jangchub Shing, The Bodhi Tree. I love and respect all religions, but stand sane and alive because of the Buddha Dharma.” Other LEVEKUNST articles by the same author.

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    Very deep sensibility….

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