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Imagine a simple stalk with a small white flower at its peak. Held up by two gentle fingers. Gazed upon by a being of the heart. His two eyes merges with that little flower. He is not judging or evaluating that flower, he simply sees the flower, as the wonder it is. That picture I saw today and I just knew how it felt to be that flower. It feels like being held by love itself. Everything I do is good. Everything I am is good. Everything is good. Oh, what wonder to be in such an embrace!

In all my existence, I have longed for that embrace, that gentle touch, those loving eyes and that unwavering strength, which promises never to abandon this great love.

By the power of my longing, I find my own love. Because that, which sees this love, is love itself. All that is manifested, this world which I love so dearly, this body of mine, my loved ones, all things I have cherished, they are in essence an expression of that love. That which binds all the elements together, creating such a wonder, when all is dismantled, that which remains is this love.

Whether or not I am aware of it, it always remains present within me and it will be that love which carries me into the unknown, when the spacious unfolding of my being melts with universes, colors and light, I will remember that single essence to be called my true name.

The great Dzogchen master Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche , with a flower gently raised in his hand to illustrate the deepest.

May you be my perfect mirror, so I find my true name.
May I always be your beloved until I learn,
That everything is to be known as one and the same.
And enjoyed as it changes and turns.

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Sascha Alexandra Aurora

Sascha Alexandra Aurora

Sascha Alexandra Aurora is educated in aesthetic communication and linguistics. A singer and songwriter, she loves people, life, creativity and traveling. Other LEVEKUNST articles by the same author.

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    thank you, Erik Pema Kunsang

  2. Erik Pema Kunsang

    This poetic and deep reminder of my precious wisdom teacher is especially poignant. I remember sitting right there while he held up the flower, what he said and what it meant. Thanks a thousand.

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