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The whole meditation set-up is built on unfounded assumptions, but hey, so is everything else, nothing new there. The difference between mental balance and the rest of the time is this: In the meditation state you can find out what is real and not, because you are not occupied with something else.

Your past and future, the hurt and the joy, suffered or inflicted, words said, deeds done, all are gone at the end of this moment. The past and the future are thought of in the present, and then they are gone. They are all a present thought, without a single exception, and that is the good news because it means you can deal with it, right here, right now.

Thoughts are not from somewhere else, they come from you. Just because thoughts come from you, doesn´t mean that you are in charge of them. Without mastering the stream of thought, it steers you, like strings steer a puppet. Understand this. It’s a very important insight: Accepting that it’s my responsibility to take charge of this stream of mind. The place to do so is called meditation, and this location is your mind, when left open and free.

Your thinking is a dance of shadows,
taking every type of shape,
memories, the now and projects.
What was that sight or sound?

In this dance of fleeting shadows,
do you forget the dancers name?
Unafraid of playful motion,
be at ease as endless space.

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    So make the one thought the rising and falling of the breath. Life is only as long as that breath. Present in awareness thanks

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