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The lord of refuge, Trulshik Adeu Rinpoche of Nangchen.

Today, on a very special day, I want to share for the first time in English, some words from a real saint and true master of freedom. Just thinking of him brings tears to my eyes and my heart aches to realize the awakened state of total freedom completely. His name was Adeu Rinpoche. Before he passed away, I had the chance to request his blessings and asked him to compose a short supplication for any meditator to progress, a prayer to realize the Great Perfection of everything.

While chanting, yearning sincerity is a deep bow from the innermost seat of consciousness, the blooming of the true lotus flower. At first, like a lost child crying for mother. Then like a dew drop touched by the first morning ray, ready to evaporate. In the following moment, the ultimate prayer is to release the basic grip of duality into the vastness of open mind.

This is not fantasy or wishful thinking. Chanting while combining duality with the nondual state is amazingly practical. The reason is simple, the nature of our minds is indivisible from the awakened state of all enlightened ones. Here are Adeu Rinpoche’s words:

Essence of the buddhas in the triple times,
Precious guru, hear me.
Grant your blessings
To mature and free my mind.

Grant your blessings
that sublime insight
Of the deepest path
may dawn within this mind.

Grant your blessings
that in this very life,
I may reach the end
of the path sublime,
Lucid wakefulness,
Great Perfection’s path.

There is a book, Freedom in Bondage, about Adeu Rinpoche’s life and his understanding.

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    There is no doubt in my mind how sacred this prayer is and I understand it’s power also respect and honor the Rinpoche.
    But I am a woman of advanced age a mother, grandmother and great grandmother.

    I honor the Buddha daily before and after meditation, I start it with The Four Dharmas of Gampopa then I continue with
    30 minutes of Proclamation of Goodness Mantra which somehow puts me in feeling of emptiness and the breath exercise
    is not as labored and feels free. I love the mantra because I feel with all my heart what the prayer tries to convey. I am also
    grateful to the Sakyong Micham for the prayer.
    I would like to get a response and critique if in some way am blindly wrong.

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