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Life is precious. As human beings we have immense potential to realize freedom and enlightenment, but we need to stay healthy and live a full life-length. The body we live in is a magnificent vehicle and its mysteries are mostly uncharted territory. To live in this body should be fun and easy, but we can forget the lightness and vigor of youth and accept a daily level of tiredness, pain and ache. One reason for deterioration is that people in the industrialized society mainly live on processed food, because it can keep, its easy, quick and cheap. When the body then feels ill at ease, the first resort is artificial drugs as they give imitate relief by removing the symptoms.

The dehydration of the cells affects their energy, the immune system and blood sugar levels.

Instead of working against the body with synthetic drugs and unhealthy lifestyle, we can find the extra energy necessary to heal the body by eliminating certain factors that drain its energy, such as animal fats, bleached flour and white sugar. Improvement is initially slow, but eventually the body will start to have energy to heal itself. For instance, “White foods, essentially, bad carbs like sugar and baked goods made with white flour, have been fingered as a culprit in America’s obesity epidemic,” says Kathleen M. Zelman, director of nutrition for WebMD.

Natural herbs with healing and alchemical properties.

Barbara Wren, a British therapist and lecturer for more than 30 years, claims that the body can heal itself. She has guided countless people onto the road of natural healing through the body’s own restorative process in combination with diet and special techniques. Barbara Wren describes one effect of using artificial drugs to be free of disease symptoms, rather than letting the body heal itself: the fundamental cause of the disease is suppressed, not cured. The cause penetrates even deeper into the body, into more vital organs or into an entirely other area. The result is that the disease get worse and more extensive. When the body has reached an overload of suppressed diseases and it has no more energy to heal itself. Although we take synthetic drugs and our body feels better, or even cured because the obvious symptoms don’t show up, this is not true picture; it’s just a sign that the body has paused healing itself. The problem will reoccur.

Barbara Wren explains that our experiences of health, wholeness and joy are connected with what happens to us at the cellular level. Each one of the numerous cells found in the body has the potential to retain and generate light. It is necessary to cleanse and awaken the cells, she says, to give better health and emotional balance, as well as access to the information each cell contains. Stressful conditions such as problems in a relationship or on the job, bad economy, impatience, anger, or anxiety affect us not only mentally, but also creates a particular type of dehydration in the body. The cells are thus less able to keep their temperature and convert light to vitamins. When a cell, and we have billions of cells in the body, lacks fluid, its pH level is changed. The dehydration of the cells affects their energy, the immune system and blood sugar levels. This feels like fatigue, gives high cholesterol and blood pressure. Barbara explains that the liver produces cholesterol vital to protect all body cells. A lack of fluid makes the cells need more protection to keep the water in them. This requires more cholesterol. So the body’s own defense system creates a vicious circle. Please, consider this.

Without detox, the cells become gradually more and more poisoned and this show as fluid retention, headache or constipation. These are all signs of cell dehydration. A way to avoid dehydration is to drink enough during the day. Drink at least: one and a half liters of water, one liter of fresh pressed fruit and vegetable juice and as well as herbal tea. Barbara Wren describes a long list of method to detox and cure the body for many of the important diseases troubling people these days, by healing on a cellular level. A claim like that deserves a lot of attention. In her two books, Cellular Awakening and Our Return to the Light, she puts people in touch with their own ability to heal and points the way to a wholeness that follows universal laws.

Lets not stay heavy, exhausted and drained, dying years before our time. Detox and other restorative methods work. People using them all report that they feel younger, stronger and collected, more shining and visibly beautiful.

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    Thanks for explaining what happens in cellular degeneration. A friend of mine works for a company that promotes high level healing. I’ll have to share a copy of this post with her. Thanks!

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