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I am so honored to know this group of wise and beautiful beings from all over the world. We have meditated together for many years now, since many of them were very small children, and I have watched them grow up in an environment where peace, compassion and wisdom were emphasized and valued. They have blossomed into amazing human beings with understanding beyond their years, as is seen in the words of the video:

“Them thoughts keep telling me, ‘you’re never good enough’.
We know that shit ain’t real; a thought is just a thought.
We all got wisdom, wisdom; we can simply BE
Mind is perfect when we leave it naturally.”

This short music video is the offering and fruition of the time this group of teenagers spent together this summer in the south of France. Many of them continue to come together every year for a summer program where, amidst other usual camp-like activities, they also continue to come to know themselves more deeply by exploring their own minds and hearts through meditation and its aspects of mindfulness and awareness.

The title, “All About the Breath”, inspired by Meghan Trainor’s original “All About the Bass”, refers to mindfully resting the mind on the breath in meditation.

The video content was entirely generated by this group of teens who worked as a team to fully bring an idea into being using their creativity and diverse talents—singing, choreography, dance, film making, gymnastics, magic, body art, football and more! In it, their true teamwork, genuine joy and friendship shine through. They would like for this message to touch as many people as possible. So, please share far and wide!

Cast & Crew: Albane, Alice, Alma, Amalée, Claire (x2), David, Délia, Dorjé, Eliza (x2), Emma, Eva, Freddy, Jade, Jasmine, Juno, Juri, Kenyatta, Leander, Lena, Liam, Lucas, Marie, Mona, Orgyen, Ronja, Svenia, Tinghan, Victor, Viola, and Yann.
For more information about similar programmes for children and teens, contact David Rycroft at Mind with Heart.
With thanks to Meghan Trainor for her song “All About That Bass”.
 Instrumental music bought from Karaoke Version.

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Kimberly has studied and practiced Buddhism for almost 20 years under the guidance of a number of renowned Tibetan teachers. As well as being a teacher of meditation, Kimberly is also an accomplished photographer and her work has been greatly influenced and inspired by The Practice of Contemplative Photography by Andy Karr and Michael Wood. Married to an Italian, she loves good food and being near the ocean. Kimberly's website.

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    How fortunate these children are to have their basic Goodnes experience in early age thought !

  2. Avatar

    OMGGG thank yous so much!! It was an honour to be a part of this with all of these amazing people!

  3. Sonja

    Amazing, a new generation is growing up and is creating a world inspired by a calm mind, how wonderful

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